I'll see what I can do - Carlton Leach

I’ll See What I Can Do

I’ll See What I Can Do – by Carlton Leach

Carlton Leach wants to bring YOU a modern day crime movie, based on REAL EVENTS!

Do you want an insight into what Carlton Leach has been up to for the last 18 years or so? Then get stuck in and help make this happen! Be a part of something…


If you’re here at our page, you probably already know who Carlton Leach is; the British underworld figure who’s best selling autobiography “Muscle” was made into a cult classic gangster film some years ago!

Carlton loves his fans, that’s why to this day he still travels the country doing talk shows and ‘meet & greet’ events, now he wants to work with you to start the ball rolling in delivering you another great British film!

Crowd funding has become very important to the British Film Industry and Carlton needs your help to make an incredibly gritty, hard hitting and realistic gangster film that you will all love watching again and again!

Picturing the movie already? Think outside the box for this one! Some things are ready to be left in the past and the storyline Carlton’s lined up for you isn’t like anything you’ve heard from him before!

What We Need & What You Get

Carlton has lined up some great perks for those who roll up their sleeves and get stuck in, so check them out, get involved and be part of something!

This campaign is not asking you to fund an entire film, its goal is to create an exciting movie trailer, which will then be shown to already interested funders; we are confident that in turn the professional funders will back us to the hilt to bring this project to the big screen and DVD! Whilst this is just one step in the film making process, the explosive (in parts literally) movie itself won’t be too far behind the trailer and remember, the scenes we make for the trailer will be in the film!


Carlton has some interesting celeb and gangster friends lined up to get involved and play their part in making this project great! He’s also lined up some amazing, original tracks that you’ll love!

Other Ways You Can Help

Whether you can or can’t chip in financially, it’ll be a big help if you could share this page and spread the word across social media!

Click on the link and get involved.