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Introducing Ivan Contreras

Allow us to introduce Ivan Contreras. Our first up and coming young fighter from Tazmanian Boxing Club in Carson City NV, Ivan is about to begin his professional boxing career and we are very excited to be part of his journey.

Hello my name is Ivan Contreras, I’m 21 years old. I began boxing at the age of 16 in the year of 2013. I always liked the sport of boxing and began to take more interest when I would go to the Cinco de Mayo Festival. Basically an event where they would host amateur fights. Later on, my older brother found a local boxing gym in Carson City, NV and we both gave it a try. I ended having more passion for it when my coaches started to see that I have a lot talent and potential, which they pushed me to the limit to be better.

Ivan Contreras

I have had many challenges during my amateur fights that pushed me to the limit. One of those moments would be when I fought an opponent, who was ranked top ten in nationals. He was one of those constant pressure fighters by always attacking. I was able to overcome his attacks using my footwork to keep a distance and overwhelm him with my speed. Every time I would use combination punches, I would make sure I am able to throw seven punches in a combination. When the ten second bell sounded towards the end of a round, I would pressure and push him back to make sure I secured that round.

Team ContrerasTeam Contreras

My biggest inspiration into loving the sport would be Manny Pacquiao. When I saw one of his fights on television, from then on I became a fan of him because he would always give the audience a good fight. As time went on, I would watch kids my age compete, which inspired me to want to step into a ring.

We are very excited to be working with Ivan and look forward to seeing his first professional fight. We will keep you up to date with Ivan’s journey into boxing as he progresses, in the mean time please go and browse the Team Contreras Clothing Collection and help support this exciting new prospect and Tazmanian Boxing Club.

You can also follow Ivan over on twitter. Go and say hello @IvanContreras_2