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For years the UK and numerous other countries has had to deal with austerity measures brought in by governments which inevitably has been passed onto local councils and authorities. This has meant a decrease in public funding for the youth of today. In essence this has created a lack of public services to enable children to reach their full potential and resulted in gang warfare, knife crime and gun crime at an ever evolving rate thus destroying communities at the core. Our aim is to revive and help set up programs within the local communities and help gyms to enable these youngsters to come off the streets to learn discipline, self-defence and nutrition. To be part of a family, teach them respect and hopefully make a change and inevitably produce future generations of world champions.

Together we can make this possible.

How to get involved

Buy the clothing!

For every item sold on KOfficialdotcom including clothing from our collaborative partners we receive a percentage from every sale. Some of our collaborative partners have even generously decided to give some or all of their profit to the Foundation or nominated a gym that is already working towards the same goal.

Every sale makes a difference not only can you look good with great quality clothing you can also feel good knowing that your purchase has helped change a youngsters life.

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All donations from sales of clothing and directly are very much appreciated.

You can keep up to date on the gyms we are working with in our Local Gym News and latest news from the Foundation on our Blog


You can follow us over on twitter and help spread the word, keep up to date on our latest news and get involved with fundraisers.

If you would like any further information regarding the work we are doing, or if you are a gym, volunteer or fighter that would like to get involved please feel free to contact us

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