Micky's Athletic

Micky’s Athletic Boxing Gym

We are proud to be working to help raise money for Micky’s Athletic Boxing Gym in Mexbrough.

Micky’s Athletic is the home of the outlaw British bantamweight champion Josh Wale. It was first established by Mick Wale Josh’s father and later closed. Josh has since reopened the gym in his fathers name.

A group of volunteer coaches including Josh and his dad Mick, give up their time for free to run the gym sessions, which include Boxing classes, Woman’s Only classes and Keep Fit.

The Gym trains both professional and amateur boxers with some 30 members ranging from the age of 9 upwards. Several boxers are fighting at competition level.

Micky’s Athletic is self funded all money donated goes towards the upkeep of the gym, equipment and ABA England registration fees.

The passion of Josh and the family of volunteers that help keep this gym running and train the young fighters is second to none. Josh works hard to help the local youth within the community both throught boxing and in his work outside of the gym.

If you are interested in joining the gym or would like more information give them a follow on twitter @mickys_athletic or get in touch with Josh Wale on twitter @jboyoutlaw

For details on how you can help us raise funds for Micky’s Athletic visit The KOfficial Foundation page.

Porky popped into the gym to catch up with Josh.